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Operations and Our Growers

Fairking operates a highly efficient and flexible supply chain that ensures the crop is delivered at its optimum, on time.

From excellence in the post-harvest cleaning, grading and delivery, using the latest state-of-the-art machinery, we are trusted to give our customers peace of mind that the produce delivered to them will meet and exceed their expectations.


For growers, every seed that arrives and leaves the site is treated the same way and we are trusted to account for every kilogram that we grade. Transparency is key and all crops are processed and stored in separate lots, offering full security and traceability.

Fairking open day
Field of Borage

Fairking specialise in placing individual Buy Back contracts, and works with likeminded growers, who all share our values, and with whom we have developed an open and honest relationship for the future. They benefit from our strong technical knowledge to maximise yield and quality.

As large growers ourselves, we can offer peace of mind to our supply partners, ensuring no risk is taken that we wouldn’t take ourselves, because we really understand the operational factors behind each business. Our strength lies in our experience to understand each grower’s changeable circumstances and barriers.

As our business expands, we are looking to welcome new contract growers and increase our network of growers who wish to join us in sharing our success.

Loading Borage into trailer
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